Professional Home Buying Company In South Jersey Highlights Benefits Of A Quick Sale

Leading Mays Landing, NJ based property investment firm We Buy Houses South Jersey is raising awareness among their local community of the benefits of selling a house quickly to a professional cash buyer. The firm uses its expertise to ensure that the sale of any home, in any condition, can be completed in 10 days or less. Read more about We Buy Houses South Jersey here:

Brian Rudderow, speaking on behalf of We Buy Houses South Jersey, says, “My aim is simple, I want to help educate help sellers to understand the right times they should consider selling to professional cash buyers like my firm. All too often, people continue to make interest payments and increasing their debt to get more money only to find that the costs of traditional real estate sales mean they are actually worse off than selling for cash. We promise to make a fair cash offer for homes that meet our criteria, and we can close a deal within 10 days.”

Unfortunately, many families and individuals find themselves in a situation where they can no longer meet the payments for their property. Some may be facing foreclosure or unable to pay probate and inherited costs or tax liens. We Buy Houses South Jersey can help stop foreclosure. The firm can also help those who have code violations that they cannot afford to fix. Rudderow’s firm can help in these types of distressed home situations by providing a quick cash offer. Read more about selling a home quickly for cash here:

Anyone who needs to sell off their investment in a rental property will want to get that done quickly. Those who have bad tenants or squatters know how difficult it can be to find a practical resolution for their situation. We Buy houses South Jersey can help them conclude a cash sale quickly, making an offer for properties that qualify and ensuring that the closing is completed as quickly as possible. The firm buys properties that meet their criteria throughout Camden, Gloucester, Ocean, Cape May, Atlantic, and Salem as well as the surrounding South Jersey communities.

More homeowners than ever before are looking to professional home buyers who will provide all-cash purchase offers simply because such transactions are more likely to close without delay and they face fewer issues overall. Some prefer this type of private sale, as it means their personal business is kept confidential and there are no “For Sale” signs that have to be placed outside. Others love that they do not need to decorate or always keep the home sparkling clean. The obvious win is that there are no viewings or open houses for homeowners to arrange, especially with strangers walking all through their home.

Rudderow continues, “We buy all types of homes, including those which need more than a little bit of work. We also buy land in South Jersey. Over the years, we have seen virtually every conceivable situation and condition of the property. Whatever your personal circumstances, you can trust us to keep it confidential and treat you with the respect we all deserve.”

Families who need to relocate quickly, those experiencing a financial emergency, the break-down of a relationship, or who simply have no other option to release equity are turning to professional property buyers as means to rapidly obtain cash for their properties. Those with land to sell also face similar issues, but finding buyers is far more difficult.

We Buy Houses South Jersey has published four easy methods to sell local land on their website. The methods they recommend are to work with a developer, sell directly to an investor, talk with the neighbors. They also recommend highlighting the potential of the property to help them envision what can be done with the land. To learn more about selling land quickly in South Jersey, read the full article here:

Rudderow concludes, “We meet many local homeowners who are completely overwhelmed by their burdensome property. They don’t have the time, money or resources to deal with it and, even if they did, the costs will outweigh any benefit they would receive. We can remove that stress altogether. If you are in this situation, please consider selling your home to a trusted local home buyer like us. At least let us give you a free quote to purchase your home for cash. It could mean that your burden is lifted within a week.”

Those who wish to receive a free quote for any property they own may visit the company’s website or get in touch with their customer service team to get started. Sellers who want a fast, painless method of liquidating their property without having to invest any time or money out of their own pocket are invited to call Brian Rudderow of We Buy Houses South Jersey directly to follow up on any further inquiries before they commit to the sale.

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We Buy Houses South Jersey Announces: We Buy Homes As-Is In Mays Landing, NJ

sell house fast in mays landing nj

Local South Jersey property flipping company We Buy Houses South Jersey has recently announced: We Buy Houses in Mays Landing, NJ in 10 days using our own cash and will also cover 100% of the closing costs as well. Homeowners who are seeking a fast cash closing on their unwanted property can contact the company via call or text directly at (215) 882-9828 to receive a risk-free, fair cash offer on their property in as little as twenty minutes. Investment companies like We Buy Houses South Jersey offer custom solutions to homeowners who are seeking the best way to close quickly on their run-down house without having to go through the complicated process of listing on the open market with a licensed real estate agent.

Investment companies like We Buy Houses will purchase homes from people who are dealing with difficult life situations such as divorce. For homeowners who want to learn how to sell a house during divorce in South Jersey should visit the companies website and fill in their property information to receive a free quote in under 24 hours to find out exactly how much cash the company will pay for the home. Getting a cash offer on a South Jersey property is as simple as entering in the address and a list of repairs on the homepage of the website to find out exactly how much cash can be paid for the home and when exactly the closing will take place.

Investment companies will even buy houses from homeowners who are facing other types of problematic situations such as job relocation, bad tenants, squatters, extensive repairs, and other similar situations that require a fast cash closing as opposed to a drawn-out process of listing the home on the market with a real estate agency. Listing with a realtor is not always a smart decision, especially for sellers who need to close quickly without having to deal with the added stress of showings, repairs, dealing with contractors, appraisals, inspections, and other hurdles that come with selling through traditional retail channels.

Homeowners searching for professional home buyers in South Jersey should contact the We Buy Houses South Jersey property investment firm at (215) 882-9828 to get a free quote on their home in less than 24 hours. The company offers free quotes on homes so the property owners can quickly find out exactly how much cash they will receive when dealing with this particular company. Listing a home isn’t a good fit for everyone, and having the option to choose to sell to a local cash home buyer such as We Buy Houses South Jersey is an excellent option, especially for sellers who are searching for a fast, painless, quick method to liquidate their property without having to invest any time or money out of their own pocket.

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South Jersey Investment Firm Provides Streamlined Program For Homeowners To Sell Their Houses Fast

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South Jersey property investment firm We Buy Houses South Jersey offers local homeowners a streamlined program that enables them to sell their homes quickly without having to list on the market with a real estate agent. Many homeowners who have had a lot of trouble during the sale of their homes have been searching for alternative solutions that provide a fast, easy path to liquidate their property without any further headaches or hassles. One of the main pain points for modern homeowners is having to deal with the drawn-out process of listing a home on the market with an agent because it can be a lengthy, complicated process full of infuriating circumstances.

We Buy Houses South Jersey is owned and operated by Tactical Investing Inc. a national real estate investment company that works in several different markets including Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The company started their house flipping operations back in 2014 when the CEO and owner Brian Rudderow had a falling out with one of his previous business partners on an online head shop project. Rudderow then became extremely motivated to begin his house flipping adventure and launched several websites on the investor carrot platform after doing some research online about the best real estate investor websites to use for this purpose.

Rudderow is a content marketing specialist who has written thousands of articles related to vaporizers, real estate, business, marketing, and other topics. Rudderow’s company is currently working on a fix and flip project in Egg Harbor Township, NJ that is expected to be completed by March 2020. The company also has other projects lined up for when the Egg Harbor project is complete including another shore home in Cape May Court House, NJ and then another home in Dorchester, NJ. The company is currently using its own cash to fund each deal with the goal of building up a larger cash reserve once they complete each project one by one.

To learn more about how to locate We Buy Houses South Jersey or to receive a free quote please click on the links in this article to be taken directly to their website where a free quote can be obtained within 24 hours. Investors such as We Buy Houses South Jersey are able to close quickly on any property within the local area in as little as one week. The primary counties that this company operates in are Camden, Gloucester, Ocean, Cape May, Atlantic, and Salem. Other we buy houses companies may operate in more areas so it’s up to the homeowner to successfully locate a company that is in the area where they are looking to sell.

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Blog Post Discusses When It Is the Right Time for Selling a Property In South Jersey

We Buy Houses South Jersey, an investment company based in Mays Landing, New Jersey, has announced that they have recently published a blog post on how to know when it is time to sell a house in South Jersey. The article is titled, “How to Know When It Is Time to Sell Your House in South Jersey,” and points out that many people are stuck with the wrong notion that they have to live in the same house forever. Thus, they quietly suffer from the inconveniences of their house, never considering the possibility of selling their house and moving to another house that would make more sense for them.

Brian Rudderow, owner and CEO of We Buy Houses South Jersey, says, “The best time to sell your South Jersey house is when you realize that there are many disadvantages of living in your home. For instance, your house is no longer large enough for your family. Or the opposite might be true. The house has become too big, possibly because the children have grown up and now have their own family.”

Aside from the house being too small or too big, there could be other reasons why a particular house in South Jersey is no longer suitable for the homeowner and other members of the family. Perhaps the homeowner has moved to another company that is now much farther away from the house, and it has now become very tiring to drive several miles to work or waiting for the train. The homeowner may have noticed that he now spends a lot of time on the road, substantially reducing quality time with family or friends.

On the other hand, it may be time to profit from a house that has substantially increased in value since the time it was bought. It is true that capital gains taxes could drastically reduce the profit that can be enjoyed from selling a house but if the increase in value is significant enough, it may be time to sell the house and enjoy the profits and use the extra money for other purposes.

Meanwhile, for those who have vacant land in South Jersey, they may have realized that selling their land is not as easy as selling a home. This is because there is a smaller market for vacant land compared to residential properties. Also, real estate agents will often not give priority to vacant land. That is because the land will usually have a smaller seller price compared to residential homes. And because real estate agents earn a living through commissions, which are a percentage of the selling price, they will naturally focus more on selling homes than land.

Fortunately, investment firms like We Buy Houses South Jersey can help people with regards to how to sell land in South Jersey. They will ensure that the landowner will get a fair price for the land. They can also facilitate the deal and make the process run smoothly and quickly. Because of their experience in buying properties in South Jersey, they can be sure to make a fair and no-obligation offer.

We Buy Houses South Jersey can also help those who want to sell their house fast for cash. To ensure that the transaction will proceed smoothly, homeowners will need to make sure that the title is clear, which means there are no liens or other encumbrances. The investment company will make a no-obligation offer after taking a look at the house. And because it is a cash deal, the seller and buyer can easily set the closing date that is convenient for both of them. With a cash deal, they can simply meet up at a notary’s office to sign the relevant documents and the seller receives a cashier’s check. And it should also be mentioned that because there is no real estate agent, there would be no commissions or fees to be paid by the seller.

Those who are interested in getting cash for houses in South Jersey can visit the We Buy Houses South Jersey or contact them on the phone or through email.

Southern New Jersey Investment Firm Expands Target Market To Include All Of South Jersey

how we buy south jersey houses

Southern New Jersey property investment firm We Buy Houses South Jersey is expanding its operations to include all counties within South Jersey including Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, and Salem. The companies CEO and owner Brian Rudderow stated: “we buy South Jersey houses with our own cash in as little as seven business days, effectively streamlining the entire home selling process for sellers and providing resources that enable them to close quickly with limited time, money, and effort put into the process”. Rudderow’s company has flipped several properties in the South Jersey area and now they are focusing on expanding their operations and marketing for more deals in the upcoming year throughout 2020.

More homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of working directly with a cash home buyer as opposed to listing their home on the open market through a licensed real estate agent due to the many added benefits which are highlighted throughout this article. Investment firms pay cash for houses and offer sellers painless transactions where they will not have to invest any of their own time or money into closing the deal themselves, and this is highly attractive for people who are in sticky situations where they need a quick exit. Some investment companies will even offer the homeowner a chance to remain inside of the property for up to 30 days after the closing has already taken place with a “post-closing occupancy clause” which attracts sellers who have a house filled with junk to give them an added layer of flexibility.

Working with a cash home buyer in South Jersey has many other advantages as well such as the ability to sell a property in its current condition without making any repairs. A lot of sellers are in a position where they have the deed for a home but can’t afford to invest any of their own cash into the property to fix it up and sell it at full market value, therefore having the option to sell quickly for cash gives them an added benefit that they previously did not have. Selling to investors is not a good fit for every real estate situation, and there are only around 5% of all total transactions which meet the buying criteria that an investor is looking for. Typically, investors work with sellers who are facing foreclosure, divorce, job relocation, inheritance, bad tenants or squatters, and other similar types of situations where having a quick cash exit is extremely beneficial.

South Jersey real estate investors are able to negotiate a significant reduction in the sales price comparative to full market value strictly because they offer the seller the valuable services listed above. Many homeowners choose to do business with cash investors because of the short time-frames that investors can work with, some even closing in as little as one week. A one-week cash closing becomes very appealing to someone who has been having consistent problems with a property and really just needs the opportunity to sell quickly without having to go through any more headaches or hassles which will only stress them out further. To learn more about selling a property to a cash buyer in South Jersey please click on the links in this release to be taken to the homepage of the company where a free quote can be requested and received in as little as 24 hours.

South Jersey House Flipping Company Advertises “We Buy Houses in South Jersey Cash”

Local house flipping company We Buy Houses South Jersey recently released a statement from CEO and owner Brian Rudderow that “we will buy any house fast with cash in any county within South Jersey. The local house flipping company specializes in assisting homeowners who have homes that are in various states of disrepair and need to be unloaded quickly without going through the hassles of making repairs and getting the property ready to be listed on the open market.

The company has recently helped one homeowner who was a young 21-year-old pizza delivery driver who was having some trouble in the mobile home park he was staying at and needed to sell his property immediately. We Buy Houses South Jersey came in, assessed the situation, and made a cash offer on the home and closed within 2 weeks and then proceeded to clean up the property and make some drywall repairs before reselling it two months later for a $4,500 profit.

“Flipping houses is always a gamble,” Rudderow stated. “It’s never clear when an unexpected major repair will come up that will seriously dampen the companies ability to make a profit, or eliminate it altogether.” Rudderow has been flipping properties for several years now and has flipped a total of 6 houses and wholesaled around 20 others to partner investors where he will typically collect a “wholesale fee” from between $2,500 – $10,000. His local South Jersey house flipping company is owned by Rapid Home Liquidation.

Rudderow’s company is currently seeking more homes to flip in South Jersey in the following counties: Burlington, Ocean, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, Cape May, and all other surrounding areas. Homeowners who are seeking to sell their homes at retail value are not a good fit for selling to a local house flipping company because the offer will be significantly lower than retail pricing because the flipper needs to earn a profit in order for them to purchase the deal with cash.

Selling a house to an investor is a lot different from listing a property on the open market in several ways. First, when selling to a local real estate investor they are usually coming to the table with a cash offer. Cash sales differ greatly from financed ones because the cash buyer is normally looking to buy the house at a discount since the payment will be made quickly and with cash and the home will be left in as-is condition. Whereas with financed purchases, a bank will normally not lend on a property if it doesn’t meet certain requirements. A home that is run-down, in poor condition normally doesn’t meet these requirements, hence the need in the market for a cash buying investor who can come in and quickly buy up properties in their current condition, no matter how dilapidated.

Real estate investors will often even buy houses using their own cash if the home has mold problems, fire damage, and even foundation problems. As a matter of fact, the worse the problem is the more likely an investor will be able to get a great discount on the purchase of the home, thus baking even more profit into the deal for their company. Investing is an extremely challenging business though, and not many people are cut out for it. For example, when doing marketing for real estate investing approximately 95% of all of the leads that come in will be trash leads that cannot be monetized in any way. This leads to a lot of time being spent by the investor chasing dead leads and trying to make deals happen where there is no real opportunity or motivation to sell from the owner. This discouraging aspect of the business is why over 90% of all investors quit within the first two years.

Real estate investing really is a business where dedication, determination, and perspiration is needed to succeed because a long-term mindset and attitude must be developed to last in a competitive industry where the competition is a multi-million dollar franchise that is spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in marketing each and every single month. The internet has leveled the playing field, however, and there are now a lot of opportunities to drive leads through strategies such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and video marketing.

Motivated sellers are now able to be reached directly through inbound marketing strategies that bring the seller directly to the investor as opposed to the investor doing expensive outbound marketing campaigns such as direct mail marketing. The profitability of flipping houses and investing in real estate keeps new entrepreneurs entering this industry every day. Additionally, with the increase in online training courses, audiobooks, and real estate gurus pitching these money-making systems there are more people investing in real estate than ever before.

For more information about investing in real estate or selling a South Jersey house fast please click on the link in the description.


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